Monday, March 19, 2012

Vintage Book Placecards

Looking through wedding websites, I found this whimsical set of placecards on Intimate Weddings. The designer bought children's books at a thrift shop and cut interesting pictures from them to use on the placecards.
We find that a lot of brides and grooms don't want to do conventional placecards and table numbers - they want to do something different that relates to them and has more personality. I love the idea of using characters from favorite books or the covers of favorite childhood books on the placecards. You could pick a character or a title for each guest table, like Elinor from Sense and Sensibility, and Jules Verne's Voyages Extraordinaires.
Scan the picture, reduce to an appropriate size, and make enough copies for the number of placecards that will use that image. For the table number, you can use a blown-up version of the character or book cover, or you could place the actual book on the table.
Wouldn't this be an especially good idea if your wedding is at The George Peabody Library?
Another twist on the idea is to buy favorite children's books for each guest table, use the book jackets to scan and create your placecards and table numbers and then, after the wedding, donate the books to an organization that can use them for children.
If you decide to do a DIY project like this for your wedding, start early. You could find the books and set up the printing months in advance. Do the table number cards and the images for the placecards early, and then a week or so before the wedding you only have to add the names to the placecards. Or, bring it all in to us and we'll do the work.
Look for a post later showing how we used vintage Baltimore postcards to create placecards and table numbers.

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