Saturday, May 30, 2015

Add a Custom Lining to the Envelopes

Envelope linings are a perfect place to customize your invitations and this year, couples are taking full advantage of that space. Add a pop of color from the wedding’s color palette. Add a street map, a nautical map, a drawing of the venue, the city skyline, your monogram, or a floral design that complements the wedding d├ęcor. Add a marbled paper for a library wedding; add a gingham paper for a country wedding; add a wood grain paper for a barn wedding; or add the sparkliest glitter paper you can find for a glamorous look.
You want your guests to see the lining and not rip the envelope open and destroy the effect, so we recommend that you do one of the following:
Order double envelopes and line the inner envelope.
Use washi tape, which peels off without tearing, for a contemporary look in sealing the envelopes.
Seal only the point and an inch or so on each side of the point so the envelope pops open without tearing the lining.


Baltimore Museum of Art entrance

The reception barn

The road leading to the wedding venue in Italy

Redoute flowers

Peonies and roses

An old street map of Baltimore city

a black and white map

Evergreen House
Wood grain

Country flowers for a Ladew Gardens wedding

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