Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wedding Invitation Trends 2015

We’ve worked with over 100 couples on 2015 wedding invitations so far, enough to spot the trends for this year. Probably the number one trend is that there is no one big thing that many, many couples want. We see a strong spirit of individualism – a couple will tell us that they found an invitation they love, but they want to change the color, change the fonts, make the monogram much bigger, add a ribbon, do a custom lining with artwork, and so on, and after all is done, the original invitation was just an inspiration. The invitation becomes distinctively their own and not quite like any other.
Even though there were no overwhelming favorites, there are some looks and trends that are influencing invitations.

For today’s post, we are putting up a gallery that represents 14 design trends – can you guess what they are? Starting next week, we’ll post about each one and show more samples of The Looks.

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